Used And Spermed Part 2

Juliette comes home and she is very tired. She takes off her clothes and wears only bra and panty and lays in her bed. She does not notice that after a while a man comes in. He is very quiet. Juliette hears no noise. He grabs her and pulls her down from the bed. She lays on her belly on the floor and the guy sits on her back and pushes a ballgag in her mouth. He takes off her bra. Then he ties her wrists with a rope. He grabs her body and her ass. What a nice and naken chick. He pulls down the panty. He takes out his dick and pushes his dick in her pussy and starts to fuck her from behind. Juliette lays on her belly and moans a lot while he fucks her. He wants to change the position and Juliette has to kneel on the floor and lift her ass. He fucks her again from behind. It is very uncomfortable to knell on the floor with tied wrists. Juliette drools and moans lot. When does this nightmare end? After a long while of fucking the guy stops and stands up and does a great cumshot on her ass. Is this now the end? After a while of watching Juliette has to kneel and the man pushes her to the bed. The next we see is a waiting Juliette still with the big ball gag in her mouth. Her wrists are tied to the bed and her ankles too. She can’t move. She only can wait for the next step. After a while the man comes in. He won’t let her go. He wants a blowjob. He takes off the ball gag and fucks her in the mouth. He fucks her roughly in the mouth. What a heavy blowjob. After a long while of blowing his dick he suddenly takes out his dick and cums on her face. Juliette is not amused about that.

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