My Dorm Room Bondage Fantasy.mp4

My Dorm Room Bondage Fantasy15:50 videoThere is a new security guard in my college dorm and I think he is really cute. I often try to find excuses to flirt with him while he is...

Self Bondage Seduction.mp4

Self Bondage Seduction11:11 videoYou’ve been such a great boyfriend lately, I really want to give you a special treat. You’re probably wondering what these ropes and handcuffs are for….are you up to try something new...

Shackled and Searching for the Key.mp4

Shackled & Searching for the Key!12:55 videoMy significant other proposed that we play a new game today! He tells me he want to pretend he is a police officer, and pulls out a bag containing...

Pretend Police Officer Persuasion.mp4

Pretend Police Officer Persuasion10:54 videoI met a really great guy at the bar and when I asked him what his job was he told me he was a police officer! How cool is that! He...

Stuck In Self Bondage.mp4

Stuck in Self Bondage12:10 videoChrissy just got back to her room after a horribly long and stressful work meeting. Everyone is getting together for dinner, but she has other plans, deciding to enjoy some time...

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