Exposed and Escaping.mp4

Exposed & Escaping14:21 videoChrissy was forcefully stripped naked and tied up spread eagle to the railing! The cold metal is painfully digging into her ankles as she struggles desperately to get free before her evil...


MB360 – Cute young slave girl Cute 19-year old Jessica isnпїЅt really sure if she likes metal, but she isпїЅ letпїЅs say intrigued. We saw her and we immediately knew we wanted to lock her...


MB364 – Crystl пїЅ ballet dancer locked in full split Meet Crystl! She is just pure awesomeness. A beautiful ballet dancer willing to try out some hard metal bondage! Locked in a chastity belt for...


MB373 – Cobie пїЅ extreme metal strappado So Cobie was visiting Holland last month (in her chastity belt), and of course we insisted to steal a few hours of her time to lock her in...

MetalBondage. MB 087.

Clip name: mb087.wmv Clip size: 131.728 MB

MetalBondage. MB 165.

Clip name: mb165.wmv Clip size: 137.656 MB

MetalBondage. MB 092.

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MetalBondage. MB 015.

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MetalBondage. MB 004.

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