Alice’s First Ever Hogtie – Part 4

This clip starts where Part 3 ended… I remove Alice’s neck rope and then turn her around. I smack her ass for a while longer, before I lift her and set her face down on an old steamer chest. I tie her feet together and then I arch her into a tight hogtie. After it’s tied off, I run a rope from the rope I just used to hogtie her with up to the hoist to keep her from rolling off the chest, and to make the hogtie a tad tighter. She endures the tight bondage for a while as I enjoy the fruits of my labor. I soon return. I hood her with a nylon and then add black tape on top. I use the excess to pull her head back. I tie it off. It’s not long With her head in this position, that the panties stuffed in her mouth start to slide down her throat. It’s time for a new gag anyway. I cleave gag her with an ace bandage. Her nipples are once again begging to be clamped. I use clover clamps this time. I tie them off to a 45lb weight on the floor in front of the chest. Rope is attached to her feet and then pulled back and up and tied to the post behind her. In the process her right clamp slips off her nipple. With her tits bound as tight as they are, getting clamps to stay on is not easy, that’s why I like the heavy duty green ones I used earlier. That makes it even harder for them to stay on. I have one more style so I clamp them once again. After a while I notice the right nipple is a bit, so being the nice guy I am I take that clamp off. I grab more twine and make a head harness out of it. I use the ends to once again force her head back. I don’t think she liked this very much! In the process the other clamp slips off as well. She stays like this for a while and I at some point snap a few pics. At the end of the clip, i tell her I’m leaving and she really thinks I am… this gets a very real distressed reaction from her. The clip ends shortly after.

Featuring: Alice
Categories: Blondes, breast torture, face bondage, hogtied, leggings, MILF, nipple clamps, sweaters

Clip name: Alices_First_Ever_Hogtie_Part_4.mp4
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Duration: 00:29:21
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