TV Repair Man
10:30 video
I am extremely upset as I’ve been waiting around for my TV repair man for hours. It’s now after dark when I finally hear a knock on the door. Thankfully he is finally here. I question him on being late for which he has a pitiful excuse. I tell him how much his company’s service such, and to hurry up. I am so sick of always having problems with my TV. After a few minutes I return to check on his status and I notice ropes on the floor. Obviously this repair man does not know how to fix televisions if he is trying to use rope, I thought sarcastically. Unexpectedly, he grabs me, cleave gags me and drags me away as I am struggling to get away. He ties me up in a hogtie on the couch and leaves me there to call his boss. I am so terrified of what he is going to do to get back at me for my attitude. I struggle and pull but there is no use, I can’t seem to get the ropes to loosen. He comes back into the room and I panic. He tells me his boss told him to strip me and send him pictures. He pulls my clothes off and starts taking photos on his phone, and I feel absolutely humiliated. I can’t believe this is happening to me. He feels me up as a try to pull away. After he is done he leaves me exposed and struggling, and I’m so worried not knowing how or when I’ll be able to get free.

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