The Purple Dress Punishment
11:22 video
Master Matt does not approve of my new and super sexy purple minidress. I thought it was quite flattering, but he tells me that I look slutty and there is no way I am allowed to go to my party like this. He has his own arrangements to get to tonight, and he decided he does not trust me not to leave the house like this, nor does he think I made a good decision buying this dress in the first place, so to make sure I stay put he decides to punish me by keeping me tied up in bondage all night! He ties my ankles, thighs and wrists and gags me with a big red ball gag to keep me quiet while he’s away. I can’t believe he is treating me like this! I was really looking forward to that party. I angrily struggle against the ropes, but Master Matt knows just how to tie them so that I can’t escape. My heels squeak as they rub together from the wiggling. I eventually manage to get them off, exposing my bare feet but it doesn’t get me any closer to getting loose. I grow even more distressed as I start drooling from the large ball gag, slurping to try prevent the drool from getting all over my silky purple dress. I feel so helpless and embarrassed as my dress continues to ride up, exposing the fact that I’m not wearing any panties. Maybe he was right, this is too slutty of an outfit to go out in public in! It’s too late to apologize now, I’m stuck here bound and gagged, struggling aimlessly until he returns to finish my punishment!

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