Terra Mizu: Surprise
11:59 video
Ivan is surprised when Terra comes home to find him wrapping up his rope. He is supposed to be at work but took part of the day off to tie up a couple ladies. After getting Terra to sit down beside him and tying her wrist behind the back, Ivan lets her in on his secret. He has been tying women up with out her knowledge for years. As Ivan expected, Terra is very upset which is why he stared tying her up. He also knows this will be his one and only chance to do so and he plans to make it count. Lucky for Ivan Terra is dressed in a pair of high heels and a pair of shorts which show off her sexy shapely legs. Know that Terra hands and elbows are tightly bond together, he can tie up his favorite part of his lovely wife. Her legs. Ivan place ropes around those slim ankles and above her muscular calves. Leaving Terra to struggle Ivan goes to the bedroom to get a pair of her panties. When he comes back he pulls her up close, stuffs them deep into her mouth , and wraps tape round her head. Ivan hogtie Terra so can take a few photos and to watch her struggle more. When he can not help himself any more he picks Terra up tosses her over his shoulder and takes her to the bedroom.

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