Terra Mizu: Spicing things up
14:37 video
Terra really loves her boyfriend, but lately he has seemed distant, especially in the bedroom, so she’s worried that he is losing interest in her. She confides her worries in her best friend Lila, who suggests maybe Terra’s boyfriend is just a little bored and needs some spice – and Lila has just the thing: rope. She offers to show Terra how sexy it can be, and Terra agrees to let Lila tie her up. With Terra’s long shapely legs in her lap, Lila ties her ankles, then her knees, talking about how many guys love to see a girl tied up, especially with as amazing as Terra’s legs look crossed and tied. Next Lila has Terra kneel on the floor and ties her wrists behind her back, then takes the leftover rope from her legs and ties her wrists down to her ankles, leaning over the couch. The tie emphasizes Terra’s curvy shape and fantastic figure, but Terra can’t see it, so Lila snaps a few pictures with her smart phone, getting different views and positions. She offers to send a few of the pictures to Terra’s boyfriend, or she can call him over here and they can have some fun. But before she makes the call, Lila decides the tie is missing something, so just to add that extra little bit of sexy, she ties a stocking between Terra’s teeth, giving her that nice cleave gag look.After Lila calls Terra’s boyfriend to come over, she suggests a slight improvement on the gag, pulling out a ball gag to put in Terra’s mouth. She moves Terra down to her stomach on the floor, her blouse up over her bra and her skirt hiked up to show off her fantastic legs. Terra and her boyfriend are going to have fun tonight!

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