Taped on the First Date!
13:46 video
Chrissy is on a first date and really like the guy so she agrees to come up to his place with him. She excuses herself to ‘freshen up’ and returns wearing only her bra, panties, garter belt, stocking and heels, sure to seduce him. He tells her that he would really like to tie her up! She asks if he means bondage, like ropes and blindfolds, and tells him thats kind of kinky but she likes that. Then he tells her rope isn’t exactly his medium of choice. He pulls out a roll of duct tape and she gives him a confused look. "You want to tape me up? I don’t know about that" she hesitates but he has already made up his mind that he is going to tightly wrap her beautiful body up with tape and make her all his for the night!
Chrissy is completely confined with tape on the couch and tells the man that she really isn’t into this game anymore and to please let her go! She is in shock when instead he pulls out a pair of scissors, cuts off her panties, and then shoves them in her mouth, wrapping more duct tape around her head several times! She can’t believe what is happening but decides to cooperate with the man as he humiliatingly exposes her tits and gropes her ass. She just doesn’t want him to hurt her anymore! He tells her he is going to go find some more toys and leaves her all alone bound and gagged. Finally she has her opportunity to try and get out of this mess! She squirms and struggles around the room trying to get free, but the tape is too tight! After a long fight she realizes she won’t be able to get out of the tape, so she just has to try to escape while still taped up, it’s her only hope! She scooches her way to the front door but can’t possibly open it. She tries to call for help but her cries are too muffled by the wad of panties in her mouth sealed in with layers of tape. Chrissy really learned her lesson this time to not give it up so easy on the first date!

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