Shutters: Night with Ivan
10:37 video
It is a big night for Ivan. He has been watching Shutters for a long time. He love the way she dresses in her sexy skirts and tight dress. He spies on her going to and coming from work. But Ivan favorite time to spy is when Shutter is during the night. Shutter walks around her house dressed in lingerie, stockings, and high heels. To night Ivan is going to do what he has been dreaming about for month. Tie that sexy bitch to the bed and have his way with her. Shutters is relaxing on the bed when Ivan comes into the room places his large hand over her mouth and XXXX her face down on the bed. Ivan ties Shutters wrist together above her head before setting Shutters up. He then shoves a cloth deep into her mouth and wraps tape around the head to hold it in tight. Next Shutters sexy legs are tied at the ankles and below the knees. Ivan takes some time to caress and fondle Shutters’ shapely legs and nicely round ass. After a few minutes Ivan proceeds by securing Shutters’ wrist to the headboard and the her ankles to the footboard. Ivan is really loving how Shutters looks all stretched out on the bed especially her legs. Tied with the ankles crossed, clad in a pair of cuban stocking, and wear high heel. Man how sexy. Now that Ivan has Shutters the way that he has been dreaming about it is time for him to enjoy it.

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