Sahrye: Halftime Show
Sahrye, Ivan’s very sexy neighbor, comes over to his house interrupting his Superbowl party to let him know how upset she is with his friends. Ivan’s very classes friend have been going over to Sahrye’s and peeing in her yard during Ivan’s many parties.She yells at him about it killing her grass. Getting tied of Sahrye’s mouth and thinking she would be fun for the halftime entertainment Ivan bend her over the chair and ties her hands behind the back. After tying her hot shapely legs together at the ankles and knees Ivan puts Sahrye into a very tight hogtie on the floor, leaves her there to go tell the guy about the sexy halftime show he has planed. Sahrye struggles and rolls around the floor until Ivan comes back picks her up off the floor and tosses her over his shoulder so he can take her to see the guys.

Clip name: Sahrye_Halftime_Show.wmv
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Duration: 00:10:26
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