Sahrye: Gold Digger
10:16 video
It never fails: people with money will always attract fortune hunters. Ivan tried to warn his son about Sahrye from the beginning, but it was already too late – he was smitten. But for good reason: Sahrye has a fantastic body, beautiful face, sexy legs – and she dresses to highlight every inch. So Ivan can’t really blame his son… but that doesn’t mean he has to like the money-grubbing whore who seduced him and is spending all his money. She may seem great now, giving him everything he wants, making him love her more – but in a few years, Ivan knows the gold digger will just divorce his son and take half his money. His son may be too blinded by Sahrye’s sex appeal to see it, but Ivan isn’t, and he’s willing to do something about it before it gets that far. It may break his son’s heart now, but he’ll be better off if she’s out of his life – for good. Ivan ties the little minx to a chair while she screams filth at him, using the f-word more than any decent lady has the right to, telling Ivan everything that’s wrong with him as a father, how he’s a mooch feeding off his son’s wealth, how she’s everything his son ever wanted, how much he loves her, how good she is to him and for him, and how if she had her way, Ivan would be the one out of his son’s life – nothing to convince Ivan he’s wrong about the bitch. After letting Sahrye run her mouth for a while, Ivan finally stuffs a cloth in her mouth and tapes it in, wondering how his son stands the girl’s filthy mouth – except it’s probably the OTHER things she does with her mouth that so endears her to him. Well, there are other women for that, and while they might take his money, they probably still won’t cost as much as Sahrye. Either way, with a little help from some unscrupulous friends of Ivan’s, she’s exactly where he wants her to be now – out of the way.

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