Roped In My Red Miniskirt
12:10 video
Someone please help! I was getting ready for a big date when an intruder tied me up and gagged me in my tight shiny red miniskirt and sexy high heels! He wrapped the ropes extremely tight around my nylon covered legs, wrists, elbows and finally breasts, really making them pop out! Then he hogtied me at the top of the stairs so that I was practically immobilized, where he left me bound and gagged as I watched him run off with all my valuables! Now I’m stuck here struggling as hard as possible but I have no idea how I will ever possibly get free from all of this rope he wrapped around me! I’m mmmppphhh-ing hard and desperately gag talking through the ballgag but it’s no use, no one could possibly hear me through thiw horrible thing! Instead it just makes me start drooling uncontrollably all over the floor where I am forced to roll around in it! I squirm and continue to struggle helplessly in my pantyhose and tied up heels. I sure hope I’ll find a way escape before my date come to find me here and sees me in this humiliating position!

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