Nightmare in Nylons
11:19 video
Last thing I remember, I was watching tv on the couch before bed and getting sleepy. Next thing I know, I’m completely naked except for my nylons, tied up with rope and ball gagged! I have no idea who did this to me or why they tied me up so tight! I struggle furiously trying to get free before whoever did this to me returns! I whimper and wiggle around, eventually rolling off of the couch and struggling more on the floor. Little do I know, I’m only dreaming, because the panic feels so realistic! After I realize there is no chance of escape, I try to make my way back onto the couch so that it doesn’t look like I tried to get out. I continue to use all my effort to get loose from the ropes, but they’re too tight and it’s a helpless endeavor! Just when I hear footsteps approaching, I suddenly awaken back to my living room, heart racing, but fully clothed and untied, realizing I must have fell asleep and it was just a horrible bound and gagged nightmare!

Clip name: Nightmare_In_Nylons.mp4
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Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:11:18
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