Never Get Into A Car

Juliette wears sexy jeans and boots and is on the way to the next city. But the way is long and suddenly a car is coming and the man asks her if he can take her to the town. The guy is very kindly so Juliette has no fear to sit beside him in the car. A big mistake. Soon he overpowers her and she gets handcuffs. He connects a slavecollar with a rope on her neck and he drives deep in the woods with Juliette. The cat stops at an old barn. He pulls Juliette out of the car and they go in the barn. There he connects the slavecollar with chains and a padlock on the wall. Juliette has no key and so she has to stay and waits for the man. He wants to fuck her mouth and Juliette has the right position: down on her knees she can give him a perfect bondage blowjob. Open your mouth and blow the dick, Juliette! After a long while of mouth fucking he cums in her face. He leaves her and Juliette finds a hairpin and tries to crack the padlock.

Clip name: Never_Get_Into_A_Car.mp4
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Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:32:36
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