Missy: "I thought you were a gentleman!"
12:17 video
Ivan did offer to walk Missy safely back to her room, but he didn’t mention that he wouldn’t be leaving her at the door, or that he had rope in his pocket, or that he was planning to tie her up… but she didn’t need to know what he had in mind for her. She was teasing him all night rubbing those sexy legs together, flirting with him at the bar – especially with that hot British accent – she’s exactly Ivan’s type of woman. When he follows her into her room, he grabs her by the hair, pins her onto the bed, and ties her wrists while she complains that this was not part of the bargain. Neither was him tying her ankles and knees, but that’s just for Ivan anyway. "This is your idea of fun?!" Actually, yes it is – fun for him, at least – especially after he gags her and she can’t fuss any more. Even with a sexy accent, complaining gets old.
Once he has her properly tied – wrists to ankles to keep her secure – she looks even sexier, but he’s not done yet. With her elbows tied, it shows off her small waist and great figure, something he had noticed down in the bar. He knew she had the sexy legs, but he wants to see what’s under the blouse, too. When he gets the top unbuttoned, she looks even better under the clothes, with nice perky tits and tight little tummy, especially sexy when she squirms and rolls around on the bed. As convenient as the hotel room has been to tie her up, he can’t exactly do what he wants to do to her here. Thankfully, he has a deal with the bellboy, giving him access to the service elevator so he can take her some place more convenient. She makes an easy little package to throw over his shoulder and take her out the back.

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