Lexymae: Sexy Spitfire
14:33 video
Ivan has a sexy spitfire this time! Lexy Mae is hot from head to toe, with beautiful dark hair, gorgeous face, voluptuous curves, shapely muscular legs in Cuban stockings and high heels. And what an attitude! Even as he ties her wrists and elbows, she demands he let her go and threatens to kill him, and even tries to kick him – but that was the wrong move, since he just pins her ankle between his knees and continues to add rope. A nice cleave gag doesn’t do much to quiet her down, but it is very sexy with her luscious lips. He easily yanks her off her feet to put her on the floor, pinning both ankles with his legs as he ties her knees. The fidgeting she does while he retrieves more rope is positively delightful, and her squeal when Ivan pulls her back to standing is charming, and he enjoys taking her down again to tie her ankles beside her. Lexy Mae squirms and twists to try to get loose, but it is no good. In fact, Ivan just decides to add more to her gag, since she’s still so loud, and then tightens up the rope from her wrists to her ankles, which flexes her great calves and thighs. She can’t move much, but with the little motion she does have, she wiggles so seductively! Even the fear in her eyes when he picks her up is hot!

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