Jay Edwards – jev37 – Tie Her Up or Work

When Jay says he’s going to work, Tory isn’t happy — she wants him to stay home and play.
Asking to be tied up and begging Jay to stay home, Tory pouts and soon she’s in a bind.
Jay restrains her with handcuffs, teases her on the bed and then guess what — he leaves her bound and gagged while he goes off to work.
When he returns home he gives her what she wants — and more.
There are clothespins, drool from ballgags, bare feet, on-camera tying, whipping, unique ballgags, tit clamps, toe bondage, chocolate syrup…
Tory is very sexy, very horny, always trying to get Jay to give her more — more bondage and more attention.
She’s dressed in a robe, g-string, and totally nude but for high-heeled thigh-high boots – and of course, her ropes and gags.
Tory has never looked better and the bondage is very restrictive – she’s not going anywhere until he gives permission

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