Jacquelyn & Elsa : He is Back
14:29 video
Elsa and Jacquelyn have had a very rough day. A man come over put the out and did things like ragdoll them and carry them around only to leave them along to wake up in the garage. ( All of which you can see @ velvetsfantasies.com ). Now that it is all over and they think it is safe the girls are relaxing on the bed. Ivan the man from earlier had so much fun he decides to come back and have more fun with his sexy ladies. He grabs and handgags Jacquelyn while makes Elsa stuff a cloth in her own mouth then tape it shut. He then swaps the ladies holding Elsa while Jacquelyn gags herself in the same way. Ivan then XXXX the two to lie face down on the bed. First Ivan hogties Elsa and then Jacquelyn. Both ladies are put into a very tight hogtie with here ankle, knee,wrist and elbows tied. After which Ivan adds a hairtie just for his own pleasure. He takes time to manhandle and fondle both sexy tiedup women trying to pick which one to play with first.

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Duration: 00:14:28
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