Hogtied Hooters Hottie
14:21 video
I just got home from a long shift at work and I’m starving! I immediately head to the kitchen and start looking for something quick to heat up. I guess I must be really tired, as I didn’t hear the intruder who followed me to my apartment! He grabs me from behind in my kitchen and throws me onto the floor. Once I see his face I recognize him from one rowdy and annoying bachelor party group that were at the restaurant tonight. The were all rude and wouldn’t leave and caused me to have to work late. Now he’s upset that I didn’t give them the show they wanted. He ties my hands up with rope as I protest and plead with him to leave me alone, then he cleave gags me! He ties up my ankles and knees despite my attempts to kick him in the balls and make a break for it. He finishes with tying my elbows together, and leaving me to struggle while he invites all his bachelor party friends over to violate and humiliate me.
I struggle around frantically, trying to find a way to escape. I think that if I can get my sneakers off, perhaps I can wiggle out of the ankle ropes. After a while, I’m finally able to get them off, but my big slouchy socks still keep the ropes too snug! I feel defeated and continue to struggle. The angry customer returns to see that I managed to get out of my shoes, which doesn’t make him very happy. He needs to leave now and doesn’t feel confident that I’ll stay put, so he adds a hogtie for good measure, and leaves me alone frightened, struggling, waiting for his friends to arrive!

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