Modern Interrogatio – Alruna – Mittelalterliche Hexentour

Street Date: 2009

Baroness Alruna is observed by a zealous monk, Brother Damian their advisors, in their own room with intimate personal care.
The precious oils and ointments of the nobles, however, are considered illegal means witch, and so the supposed friend tried
to extort his pregnant mistress certain compensation in exchange for his silence about this fact.
Alruna not address the fact and dismisses Damianus from his service. That the witch-hunters denuntiert Alruna the Inquisition.
Soon you might create them in the dungeon where the soldiers want to humiliate them and make it comply.
But the supposedly weak and spoiled aristocrat is not mastered easily.
After a night without sleep, we create the witch to trial …

Country: Germany
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Pregnant
Studio: Interrogatio
Director: Gregor Sakow
Duration: 01:44:35

Clip name: Alruna_Hexentour.avi
Clip size: 696 MB…_Hexentour.avi