Luna, the wannabe mistress (but still a slave girl)punished another slave girlwho was waiting for her punishment to be received from Master Ken. Punishing another slave girl without the permission of the master, was a great mistake. Now she will get the same punishments as she gave to the slave girl earlier. And Maybe even more….

Actors: Luna, Master Ken, Lana

Mp4 running time: 30:53 minutes

Luna, in my opinion a really nice girl, receives 30 whippings on her ass
then she puts 6 clothespins on her cunt and Master Ken removes them with 11 strokes with a multitail whip
Master Ken pours black wax on Lena’s back and ass
final punishment: 50 strokes with a long tail whip.

Clip name: ElitePain_Slaves_of_the_EliteClub_2.mp4
Clip size: 927 Mb


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