Duct Tape Degradation
14:56 video
I’ve been without a roommate recently, and I hate living alone, not just because I have to pay all the rent, but sometimes I get this creepy feeling that someone is going to break in while I’m home alone and hurt me! I’m sure I’m just overly paranoid. Today I’m walking to my apartment after a long day at the office. I’m really tired and forget to lock the door behind me, totally unaware that there is a masked man watching me from behind the bushes. It’s his lucky day that I left the door unlocked. As I’m looking in my purse for my cell phone he busts in the door behind me and I scream as I drop my purse to the floor. He quickly pushes me back against the wall with his hand around my neck then hand gags me tightly to shut me up. I’m shaking in fear as he orders me to turn around and starts wrapping my wrists with duct tape. I ask him what he wants with me, telling him he must have the wrong place, that’s when he tells me he’s been stalking me for some time. He finishes securing my hands and hand gags me again, telling me he’s going to have to do something about my loud mouth!
He tightly wraps tape around my mouth and head several times! Now I can’t scream or barely say a word. He unbuttons my blouse and secures it open with tape around my chest and arms. I struggle to get away as he gropes me before picking me up and laying me on the ground to tape up my legs so I can’t get away. He starts to take off my heels and I attempt to kick him in the balls unsuccessfully as he pins me down to inhibit my struggling while he tapes up my ankles. After pulling up my skirt for a nice view of my ass he finishes wrapping my legs with several strips of tape leaving me helplessly bound on the floor. Then he decides to have some more fun! He picks me up and positions me between his legs, the perfect position for easy fondling access. He pulls my tits out of my bra and squeezes them, running his filthy hands all over my body as well as spanking my bum as I squirm and struggle and try to yell through my gag. I eventually manage to get away and he decides he’s had enough play anyway. He is going to call his friends over to do the same! He leaves me alone and I desperately struggle against the tape, but it doesn’t budge. I continue to try to free myself for some time, but my struggles start growing weaker and my muffled cries get softer as I accept my helpless and degrading predicament.

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