Caught Snooping In Socks
10:33 video
I left something in my ex-boyfriends house that is very important, but I can’t remember exactly where it is, and I don’t want to talk to him to ask him for it. I camp out and wait for him to leave, and quickly sneak in and start looking around the bedroom. But he quickly returns. He must have forgot something. Of course he catches me, but I wasn’t expecting him to freak out so much! He throws me on the bed and starts tying me up with rope and gagging me! He leaves me to finish his errands, saying he will be back so we can have fun later. I know him and I know that can’t mean good things. I struggle to get free and try to make a phone call for help, but with no luck. I’ll just keep rolling around the floor, the ropes have to loosen eventually, right? Hopefully before he comes home from running all those errands!

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