Carmen Rough: Library Flirt
13:28 video
THIS IS CARMEN’S FIRST VIDEO ANYWHERE: Little Miss Carmen Rough has been warned many many times to stop flirting in the library. She comes over several times a week but never studies. All she does is loudly flirt distracting and interrupting everyone. Miss Rough really know what she is doing, dressed in a sexy black dress that show off her shapely fishnet cover legs and high heels. The management has had enough and gets Ivan the janitor to to teach her a lesson. Carmen is dragged into the library basement by Ivan. Where after gagging Carmen with a cloth stuffed deep into her mouth and tape wrapped around the head, Ivan strappado Miss Rough’s arms up to a pole making her bend over. Next Carmen’s sexy legs are tied above the calves and her angle are tie together then secured to the pole. Ivan take the book Carmen was " reading" and spanks her pretty round ass with it. Think Carmen has has enough Ivan takes her down from the pole places her in a very tight hogtie and leave to see if his boss thinks she has been properly punished for her flirting.

Clip name: Carmen_Rough_Library_Flirt.mp4
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Duration: 00:13:28
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