Black Tape Torture
15:06 video
This originally started out as an escape challenge for Chrissy as well as an opportunity to try out a new roll of black tape they came across. Matt ends up taping Chrissy much more and tighter than she had expected, as well as gags her with a few strips firmly over her mouth. She struggles hard, trying to get her wrists free, but this is possibly the tightest and stickiest tape she has ever been bound with! She starts to realize about half way through that this is no longer going to be an escape challenge, she tried her best but can’t break her bonds, they are way too strong. She keeps struggling and mmpphing, while Matt still thinks she is going to be able to escape, but Chrissy is really just struggling in peril, her hands starting to tingle and go numb, making her escape effort even more futile. She still won’t give up because she really wants to show she can escape from anything, but in the end she can’t escape and has to helplessly ask Matt for help!
Includes 4 minutes of behind the scenes tape and gag removal and Chrissy commenting how tight and painful the tape was!

Clip name: Black_Tape_Torture.mp4
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Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:15:05
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