Babysitting Burglary
13:05 video
I’m stuck babysitting for my neighbor, chatting on the phone with a friend, telling her the little ones are asleep and I’m so bored! I don’t know what I’m going to do here all night, and I wish I wasn’t by myself. I hear an unexpected knock at the door, and tell my friend I will call her back later. I get up and answer as he impatiently knocks again. I should have looked through the peep hole first! A masked man holding a roll of duct tape pushed me back inside and puts his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. He grabs my wrists and starts taping them as I question who he is, what he wants, etc. I tell him to keep it down so he doesn’t scare the little ones and to please not hurt them, I’ll do anything as long as he leaves them alone. He throws me on the floor, removes my socks and continues taping up my ankles and legs. What does he want with my socks?! And why does he have to tape me up so tight?! He tells me he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, he is just here to rob me. I tell him I don’t even own this place, but he was already aware of the fact that I was a helpless babysitter all alone which made the perfect opportunity. He decides it’s time to shut my mouth by shoving both my white ankle socks in my mouth as I beg him not to and sealing it in with duct wrapped around my mouth and head several times!
He leaves me to struggle and I desperately try to get free, but the tape is unbreakable. After a while I spot my phone on the couch and attempt to grab it with my feet. I eventually manage to knock it on the floor, but I’m unable to dial the phone. Just then the burglar returns and catches me with my phone. He decides he must need to secure me even tighter, so he takes my cell phone, putting it in his pocket as I try to yell and scream through my gag, then wraps more duct tape around my torso to pin my arms down and make it harder to move around. He is irritated by my uncooperative struggling, so in return he pulls down my tank top and exposes my tits. He gropes them and pushes me around before leaving to finish ransacking the place while I helplessly struggle. I can’t believe this is happening to me, I really hope the parents don’t find me like this! I keep hoping that he will let me go when he is finished, but when he returns, he only stops to grab my tits one last time before leaving me stuck here bound and gagged. The worst part is I’m going to be blamed me for all of this mess!

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