Anal Virgin Fucked Part 2

Wayne has an evil plan. He goes in the house of Juliette and prepares the water. He knows that she has her work out like every day. She will be home again soon. He hides in another room and waits for her. Juliette runs to her home. She is thirsty and as she comes in she takes off her sneakers and takes the water. After a while Juliette gets tired. Wayne comes in and lifts her up and carries her in the bedroom. He lays her on the bed and takes off her shirt and her trousers. He touches her body and takes a rope. He ties her wrists to the bed. He touches again her body and he is really horny now. Juliette realizes that Wayne is in her house. She asks him why he does all these things with her. He sits on her upperbody and pushes his dick in her mouth and fucks her mouth roughly. After a while he kneels beside her and fucks again her mouth. But he also want to fuck her. So he fucks her in regular way. Juliette moans a lot and after a while of fucking her rolls her on her belly. Juliette knows what will happen: anal fucking. She begs him not to hurt her. She never had anal sex before. But he has no mercy. He pushes his dick in her ass and fucks her anal. After a long while he takes out his dick and cums on her face. He ties her ankles with a rope and so she has to wait for him.

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