Adara Jordan: Payback
11:07 video
Ivan spent a couple years in jail for a petty crime he didn’t commit, while Adara got away scot free with all the money that went missing from the company they both worked for. Now that he’s out, he spent a little time tracking Adara down to get what he feels is his fair share of that money he got blamed for taking.Adara doesn’t even recognize him, and has no idea why he grabbed her, dragging her in to the room by her hair. He ties her wrists behind her back, pushing her against the wall, her shirt coming open from her struggling. He presses her back against the wall, and pushes her hair out of her face so he can cram a wad of panties into her mouth and tape it in with wide electrical tape. Ivan puts her on her knees on the floor, bent over chair, while he ties her ankles and her knees, enjoying the view of her plump little ass. He ties her elbows together while reminding her of where she worked two and a half years ago, how he saw her every day with her fancy coffee and sexy dress, and how she just disappeared one day, around the same time some serious company assets disappeared, and Ivan got blamed. Adara probably didn’t set him up for the fall, but that doesn’t really matter – he still wants what he deserves for taking the rap. He ties her ankles to her wrists so he can leave her and go look for the money – because she surely didn’t put it in the bank. He does find some while Adara squirms and makes her way to the floor, but it’s not nearly enough, and he figures she has the rest hidden somewhere – and she’s going to tell him where, or things will go very badly for her. He hefts her over his shoulder and carries her off to the other room so they can have a proper conversation about what she owes him and how she’s going to pay him back for those years in prison.

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