Wenona: Stretched out
11:10 video
When you steal from the wrong people you will be in deep trouble. People like Ivan do not call the cops. He does not trust anyone and has cameras all over. When he saw Wenona stealing it was time for a lesson. Wenona is brutally hand gagged with Ivan’s big meaty hand as he drags her down into the basement. She is XXXX back up against a pole by the throat. Ivan shoves a cloth deep in Wenona’s mouth before hand gagging her again and pulling her across the room. After wrapping tape around Wenona’s head to hold the cloth in, Ivan makes her strip down to stockings. garter, and high heels. Wenona’s wrist are tied in front, She is pushed down to the floor onto her back. Ivan ties her wrist above the head to a pole. Next Wenona’s sexy strong legs are bond at the ankles and below the knees. Grabbing he by the ankle Ivan stretches Wenona out. She makes some great noises as the ankle ropes are pulled very tight to another pole. Now that Wenona is all safe and helpless Ivan can take a break. You can see every sexy part of Wenona with her long lean body pulled tight between the poles. Ivan comes back and rolls his hot little victim around but can not bring himself to hurt her. So he unties her from the poles and lifts Wenona onto his should to take her to someone who can do the job.

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