Terra Mizu: Snooping
9:33 video
Ivan gets a call telling him someone is in his place of business that that does’t belong. So he goes to check it out and finds Terra snooping around. When he asks what she is doing there. Terra tells him she works there. But Ivan hires all his employees him self. And if Ivan hired a woman that hot he would remember. Ivan bends Terra over the desk and ties her wrist behind the back then her elbows together. Ivan asks Terra who she is working for as he ties her sexy shapely legs at the knees and slim ankles. Ivan lets Terra know if she doesn’t talk to him. He will have to give her to Bruno and he is not very nice to woman. Terra refuses to talk so Ivan stuff her mouth and tapes it shut. Terra is then placed into a tight hogtie on the desk. Ivan pulls her shirt up to get a better look at Terra’s curves. She is left on the desk struggling while Ivan goes to get a cart to take her to the truck. When Ivan gets back Terra to tossed over his shoulder and carried away.

Clip name: Terra_Mizu_Snooping.wmv
Clip size: 575.555 MB
Format: wmv
Resolution: 1440×1080 @ 1920×1080
Duration: 00:09:32
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