Sleepover Surprise
12:45 video
Starring Janira Wolfe & Chrissy Marie –
I’m having my girlfriend Janira over tonight for a movie night sleepover and I’m all ready to go dressed in my comfy pajamas. I tell her to change into her PJ’s but she tells me that didn’t bring any. I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable so I just tell her "It’s okay, we don’t need pj’s!" and strip down to my bra and panties. Janira eagerly follows suit. We climb under the covers together and I suggest we pick out a scary movie. Just as it’s about to start I ask her if she would like popcorn and she says she would love some, so I go downstairs in my underwear and start searching the cupboards. Out of no where I’m grabbed from behind and handgagged tightly so that I couldn’t scream. I’m almost paralyzed with fear as he orders me to sit in a chair and tells me I better not move if I don’t want to get hurt! He asks me if anyone else is here and I nod my head that there isn’t, I don’t want him to go looking for my friend Janira! Maybe she will hear the commotion and call for help! Unfortunately for me she won’t be able to hear me….he pulls out a long white cloth from his pocket and pulls it between my teeth gagging my mouth tightly, excruciatingly pulling on my jaw. I know not to test this guy, even though he promised not to hurt me if he cooperated! It gets even worse now as he humiliates me by taking off my bra and squeezing my breasts! I try to plead with him through my gag to stop and struggle against him, but that just maked him pull out ropes and start tightly binding my wrists and legs to the chair so that I can hardly move! (partial on screen tying) He tells me he is here to go steal all my expensive jewelry and I’m devastated as there are some very important peices in my collection. I should have never boasted about how much money they were worth when I would wear them around town! I hope I can manage to struggle hard enough to free myself from this mess before he finds them. Janira must be wondering where I am by now, it doesn’t take that long to make popcorn!
Next thing I know the robber returns with Janira, tightly hand gagged, I can tell she is scared and confused. He cleave gags her with them same stretchy white cloth he used on me as I beg him to leave her alone! Then he strips off her bra and ties her up just the same way he did to me! I think he is finally done tying us up but then he wraps even more rope tightly around our waist so we are pratically glued to the chairs with no chance of escape! He returns to finish his robbery and Janira and I gag talk frantically trying to figure out what we can do! We struggle and I try to reach to untie her bonds but we are no where near close enough and I can’t get the chair to move on the thick carpet. I feel so terrible for getting my friend Janira into this mess! I can tell she is really starting to panic and I start to get really frustrated that I can’t help her. After sometime of struggling the robber finally returns with the unfortunate news that he found everything he was looking for but there is just one more thing he would like before he leaves! He starts to touch me again and I’m getting really nervous. He tells me he would like to have some fun and I’m not sure what that means, but I definitely don’t want to find out! He starts to drag me off scene and I struggle helplessley bound to my chair. Janira calls for me through her gag as he is dragging me away, begging him to let me go, but he just tells her she will be next!

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