Shauna: Stealing Accounts
9:23 video
Shauna is sitting on Ivan’s desk waiting to tell him her good news. When Ivan comes in Shauna tells him she has landed the account he has been working on. The whole offices know how Shauna gets most of her account but Ivan being a man can not use those methods. Ivan is tired of Shauna stealing his accounts and has a plan to stop it. Ivan XXXX Shauna face down on his desk and ties her hand behind her back as Shauna runs her mouth.Ivan sits Shauna back up, pull her head back by the hair, stuffs a rag deep into her mouth, and then tapes it in tight. Shauna is pushed back down on the desk where she is hogtied and play with. Ivan thinking it is time to take Shauna home for more fun, throws her over his shoulder and carries her off.

Clip name: Shauna_Stealing_Accounts.wmv
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Duration: 00:09:22
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