Serene Isley: Working late
8:42 video
Serene is the type of hard worker that often works late, often by herself, so she’s the only one there when Ivan comes in needing a signature for a delivery – or so he says. He quickly discards the clipboard and the act, grabbing Serene and tying her hands behind her back. She tries to convince him he can watch her drive off and she won’t get in his way, but he isn’t that dumb. He ties her elbows and explains that he plans on her being here a long time after he’s gone. And although Serene says there’s no one else here for several hours, Ivan has to gag her all the same, just in case. He ties her sexy legs together at knees and ankles so she can’t go running off, admiring the way she dresses, with pantyhose and high heels and that tight skirt that hikes up her thighs as Ivan manhandles her. One more rope around her waist and he’s almost done, but first he decides to get a better look at her, unbuttoning her blouse. He moves her into the corner on top of the desk and ties the rope to her heels and her wrists. She *might* be able to get free in a few hours… but probably not. Ivan pulls her bra down to see those pretty tits, then goes off to do what he came here to do. As he goes about his business, he notices a nice comfy couch in her boss’s office, so, being a nice bad guy, he moves poor Serene to the couch before leaving.

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