Serene Isley: Partners
12:30 video
Serene and Ivan have been business partner for several years but that is about to change. Serene worked hard and made the company very profitable. Ivan is not a good partner or a nice guy. Serene should known better then to trust him. The company how has enough money and inventory { when sold off } for Ivan to live on the rest of his life, It is time for him to cash out. Ivan cleans out the bank accounts and is loading up the inventory when Serene comes to work. Ivan meets her outside and drags by the hair into the office where everything is ready for her. Serene is looking sexy as usual dressed in a tight white top, short black skirt {showing lots of sexy leg } and high heels. Ivan ties her wrist and elbow together. As Serene is being tied up Ivan lets her know what is going on and of course she is not liking it. Ivan sits her down on a chair, pulls her hair into a ponytail and uses it as a handle while he stuffs a old rag into Serene’s mouth. As he uses 3 pieces of wide electrical tape to hold the rag in we get a great view of Ms Isley’s fantastic cleavage. Now it is time to bind up Serene’s sexy legs at the ankles and below the knees. Making sure to tie the heels on as well. All the years Ivan has been working with Serene he has loved how sexy she looks noticing her curve figure and shapely legs. So he thinks it is time to sexy how nice her tits look. Serene being mostly tied up can not stop him from open up her top and pulling out breasts. Ivan is very impressed. Ms, Isley is lifted up and placed so she is kneeling on the chair facing the back. Ivan secures her thighs and waist to the back of the chair and ties her wrist and angles together pull her feet up off the chair. This is where Ivan gets mean. Before leaving to check on how the loading is going, he makes sure Serene is not going anywhere. He runs a rope from the ankle to the hair XXXX Serene’s head back and make her back arch. This is very uncomfortable and if Serene moves to much she will tip the chair over. Not a good thing when you are tied to the chair and your arms are bound.

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