Serene Isley: Just a walk in the woods
11:37 video
Serene likes to walk through the woods on beautiful days like today, but little does she know that Ivan loves watching her do it, and has been observing her for quite some time now. She is always dressed in a sexy skirt or dress, often wearing heels despite the rough terrain, and sways just right when she walks. Ivan can just imagine how much better she’ll look tied up and gagged – so he planned a little rendezvous. He has rope all set up and ready for her, so when she comes by today, he’s waiting to grab her and throw her over his shoulder. Just down the path is all his rope and a nice tree he ties her wrists to, then crosses her ankles and ties them and her knees together. She is every bit as gorgeous tied up as he hoped she would be, with her blouse unbuttoned, her breasts exposed, and her skirt hiked up. After enjoying her like that for a while, he unties her wrists only so he can retie them behind her back and tie her elbows together. The new position makes her breasts stand out even more, so he adds rope to accentuate those too. It also makes it easier to toss her over his shoulder so he can take her back to the house!

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