Mood Pictures – Prisoner’s Dilemma

We experimented a little with the game theory problem which is called ‘Prisoner’s Dilemma". The big question for the two prisoners is whether to testify against the order or not. They must make their decisions individually which are important regarding the punishment they will get. In the final round audience will be the jury who decides about the extra punishment. Initially it seems an exciting game, but the girls soon realize that they are facing with their painful ordeal. After the success of the Milgram Experiment we are back with a new reality based film.

Two girls, one brunette one blonde, are cuffed with their hands overhead. They’re participating in a twisted game with audience watching. Another blond short haired woman acts as the executioner, holding a single tail whip. On "round 1", the brunette is whipped on the back while the blonde watches. On round 2, the executioner turns to the blonde and whips her on her tits and belly. Round 3 features both girls turn their backs to the camera and each is whipped 10 times. They cry and whimper. Their body is all bruised. When the whipping is done, the audience claps. At the end there is an interview with the brunette and a short advertisement for another video featuring those two girls.

Clip name: Mood_Pictures_Prisoners_Dilemma.mp4
Clip size: 2564.55 MB
Duration: 01:25:44

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