Megan Jones:Sugar Daddy
12:40 video
The concept of a sugar daddy seems fantastic – but the reality is often quite different. Part of the problem in this case between Ivan and Megan is that they have very different ideas about what a sugar daddy setup looks like: Megan thinks it means she gets everything she wants and Ivan gets to enjoy seeing her in the lingerie and dresses and heels he buys her; Ivan agrees with the second part, but not the first. After all, he is the one paying for everything, he should be the one who gets what he wants. And Megan’s whole brat act got old faster than he expected, and crossed the line from brat to bitch a while ago. So, he’s tired of her and ready to be done.Unfortunately for Megan, that doesn’t just mean kicking her out to find her own way, it means changing things up a bit. He starts by throwing her on the bed and tying her up. She tries to convince him that he can just let her go and she’ll go about her merry way, but this is another time they have different ideas. He spent a lot of money on Megan, but he also spent money on this rope, which he’s liking better than her right now. Especially that gag! The rope just highlights all her sexy features, like those great legs and ass, and those fabulous big boobs. Ivan ties her wrists to her ankles to make her arch her back, then ties her to the corners of the bed frame. She squirms sexily, but she’s definitely not going anywhere! Now she’ll learn what a sugar daddy relationship is really like!

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