Megan Jones:Club Girl
11:06 video
It’s so easy to lure some girls out – especially those club girls after a night of XXXX and dancing. All it takes is the promise of more booze, and they’ll come right along, even with a stranger. But alcohol isn’t what Ivan has in store for Megan – he has rope, tape, and a gag instead. Not that he doesn’t appreciate her skimpy dress, fishnet stockings, and high heels, with those great tits, shapely legs, and plump ass – that is what made him target her, after all. She looks even better with his rope pulling her arms behind her back and framing those big breasts. When he throws her down on the ground, he ties her knees and ankles, then leaves her propped up in the corner to wiggle for him. After Megan gives him a nice little squirming dance, he puts her face down on the floor and adds another rope for a tight hogtie which shows off her legs even more. Ivan tells her that the better show she gives him, the less time she has to spend tied like this – so she fidgets and rolls around, shaking her ass almost as well as she did in the club. Her show was good enough that Ivan’s ready to take her to part 2 of the night – tying her to his bed.

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