Janira Wolfe: Lame Excuse
10:57 video
Janira Wolfe looks absolutely stunning in a tight red dress, Cuban stocking, and high heel as she is snooping around Ivan’s room. Ivan throws her face down on the bed and ties her hands behind the back. Miss Wolfe comes up with a lame excuse about thinking it was her room. Ivan continues by tying her long shapely legs at the ankles and below the knees. Janira is being to loud. Ivan hand gags her letting her know to be quit. He then places a cleave gag in between her lovely red lips. Ivan tells Janira that this will not keep her quit but is a reminder to be quit. And if she is not quit he will gag her right. Janira looks absolutely gorgeous with that cloth between her teeth but as Ivan is tying her elbows, she will not be quit. So Ivan sits Miss Wolfe up and shoves a cloth deep into her mouth and wraps tape around her head to hold it in tight. Ivan pulls down Janira’s dress to get a look at her sexy figure. As we all know the smaller and more compact some thing is the easier it s to carry. Ivan puts Janira into a strict hogtie and roles her around on the bed getting a good look at her fro all angles. Ivan swings her over his big shoulder for the trip to the truck.

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