Elizabeth Andrews: More than friends
10:49 video
Ivan has been talking to Lizz’s good friend Lila lately, and found out some very interesting things about his girlfriend – a conversation started when Ivan found Lila’s panties in their bedroom. Lila said that Lizz is bisexual, and that she and Lila re more than friends – they’ve been having a relationship behind Ivan’s back, that Lizz is going to leave Ivan and run off with Lila. So, Ivan has decided to step aside gracefully – well maybe not so gracefully. He ties Lizz up – including a gag from Lila’s panties so she can’t deny the relationship and just piss Ivan off – and calls Lila, but Lizz’s friend is not picking up her phone right now, so he adds a little more rope to his lovely girlfriend. She is thoroughly trussed up by the time he gets ahold of Lila, tied at wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles, and while Lizz tries to explain even behind the gag, with gestures of swimming and claiming they aren’t lovers, that Lizz is completely straight and doesn’t even like girls that way…Which all turns out to be true. When Ivan finally does talk to Lila, she is shocked that he didn’t catch her sarcasm and realize she was joking… about all of it. Lila had changed into her swimsuit when she and Lizz went to the pool, and must have left her panties on the floor, and all that stuff about them being lovers? It always seems to be the guy’s fantasy to see two hot chicks get together, so Lila was toying with Ivan. Whoops! I bet he feels stupid. He apologizes to Lizz and promises her a nice dinner, some shopping for dresses and shoes and all… right after he unties her.

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