Clearly Constrained
29:11 video
I was getting ready to shoot some videos for my website and had everything set up, the lights, ropes, props, etc. But I forgot just one my landlord is coming to do his annual inspection! He has no idea that I film bondage in my apartment, so when he walks in and sees all the equipment, he is very confused. I didnt hear him come in, and walk out of the bedroom in my sexy dress and heels, initially shocked to see him. He begins questioning me about what is going on, as I embarrassingly try to pick up the ropes and explain. I tell him that I do this to make a living, its how I can afford to pay the rent. At first he seems very upset that I didnt clear this with him, but then reveals to me that he enjoys bondage too and has a proposal for me. He gives me two choices, either I can make a special video for him and he will renew my lease, or if I refuse, he will evict me. I tell him I dont think its appropriate, but I can tell he really isnt kidding. Fine, what do you want, to tie me up? I say as I think to myself since Ive done this before, whatever it is cant be that bad. Then he tells me he actually isnt into the rope stuff, and has something else in mind. Im confused and unsure what he means, but go along with it to just get it over with.
Next, to my surprise, he demands that I give him my panties. I reluctantly remove them from under my skirt and hand them over, then realize whats about to happen. Wait a minute, youre not going to gag me with those are you? Please dont gag me! I say, as he shoves my cotton full back panties in my mouth, packing it to the brim. He slaps several strips of clear tape over my stuffed mouth to seal it all in! Great, now I have no say in how the rest of his video is going to go, and I begin to get fearful of what he might have planned. He starts to unzip my dress, and I freak out, struggling and mmmpph-ing for him to knock it off! But he doesnt stop, he just order me to take it off and gropes my naked body as I try to cover myself, humiliated that Im exposed to my landlord like this! At this point, I dont even want to live here anymore, he can evict me all he wants! I try to say that through my gag, but its so muffled that he cant understand a word Im saying and just continues on with his sinister plans!
To my horror, he grabs another roll of packing tape I had lying around from packing up boxes for storage earlier that day. He binds my bare wrists and ankles with the tape. Again I think to myself it isnt so bad, just a couple strips of tape, but then he doesnt stop! He starts wrapping around my tits, tightly taping them down! I struggle in panic and have no idea what he is doing to me! He keeps wrapping down my torso, and orders me to stay still or else he will let me fall over! I beg him to stop, it is going to hurt so bad to take the tape off my bare skin, but my muffled pleading doesnt phase him as he slaps a few long strips between my legs. He continues wrapping me tightly with the clear tape all the way down to my ankles and back up to cover my shoulders. As I mmmpph and struggle in protest. He decides he also wants to tape my feet, so to finish it off, he lifts me up and lays me on the floor, wrapping my bare soles all the way up to my wiggling toes, leaving my pretty red toenails exposed.
I cant believe what he has done to me! I can barely move an inch, and although Im completely covered in tape, Im still humiliatingly exposed! He tells me he has to go inspect a few more units but will return for me when he is finished. In the meantime, he wants me to think about my predicament and gives me another choice to make. He says that if I agree to make him another video next week, that he will let me out when he returns, otherwise, he will keep me here stuck in peril until someone else finds me, or doesnt! He slams the door and I start struggling as hard as possible to break the tape but its practically indestructible. It is so hard to move, but I manage to grab hold of the tape roll with my exposed toes, thinking I could possible get to the sharp end and cut some of the tape off, but it was all in vain. I keep trying my best to escape or call for help, maybe someone will hear all the crinkly tape as I wiggle around helplessly on the floor!
After some time my landlord finally returns. He asks if I made my decision. Of course Im not actually going to make another video for him, but I want to be let out, so I lie and shake my head in acceptance of his offer. So he begins to cut me out of the mummification, as I nervously try to stay still so he doesnt cut me with the scissors. He starts to pull the tape off my skin, showing no mercy, as I squeal in pain. Once my hands are free, I insist on doing the rest myself, he is showing no mercy! I slowly but still painfully peel off the rest of tape, revealing tons of red tape marks all over my body. I cant wait to remove my gag and tell him off! As soon as I pull the panties out of my sore mouth I start bitching You asshole, youre never getting away with is! Im never doing this with you again! I try to go on telling him Im going to report him but he hand gags me tightly to shut me up. Fine, you dont want to cooperate? I guess Ill have to make some calls and figure out what to do with you. In the meantime, wheres that rope? He says. Chrissys eyes widen as she dreads whats about to happen next! (To be continued)
This clip includes close up mouth packing/gagging, most of the nude tape mummification process, an intense struggle scene, as well as the full 10 minute tape removal!

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