Claire Irons: A day at the lake
9:40 video
Claire is spending a nice autumn afternoon alone out by the lake. While she is enjoying the peace and quiet, someone else is enjoy the view. Claire being the view. After watching his sexy pray for awhile Ivan feels it is time to act. He walks up and asks Claire a question which allows him to get close enough to grab her and toss her to the ground.Now the fun begins. Claire fights and struggle as Ivan ties and gags. Ivan’s idea of a great time anyway. You can only have so much fun out in the open so Ivan picks Claire up and carries her off over his shoulder.

Clip name: Claire_Irons_A_day_at_the_lake.wmv
Clip size: 486.428 MB
Format: wmv
Resolution: 1080×1080 @ 1440×1080
Duration: 00:09:40
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