Chrissy: Pay up
12:55 video
Chrissy is doing very well as a model and actress. She has been getting a lot of the high paying jobs lately. The secret to Chrissy’s success is Ivan. She has been hiring him to get the other ladies out of the way. The only problem is she has not paid him for the last few times. Chrissy goes to a hotel room to meet Ivan after his latest job. Chrissy show up in a short skirt, stocking, and high heels. She know Ivan is a legman and love seeing hot women dressed that way. Ivan can tell that Chrissy is not planning to pay him today. The way she is dressed is his first clue. The second is the way she comes in the room lays face down on the bed and curls her shapely legs up behind her and then crossing them at the ankles.Ivan asks Chrissy about her latest job and she tells him how much fun it had been and how great it paid. As Ivan figured when he asked for his money she said I will pay you late and I have another job for you. Chrissy then tries to distracted Ivan with her stocking covered legs and how they are friends. Ivan has a plan to get his money another way. He pulls her arm back and ties her wrist together before moving down to wrapping rope around her crossed ankles. Chrissy said she does not like where this is going but she really has no idea where it is going. Chrissy is rolled over. Ivan moves the hair out of Chrissy beautiful face and stuffs a bandana between her lovely lips. Her mouth is tape tightly shut and the blouse is unbottoned. Ivan takes his time playing with Chrissy as he finishes putting her in a chest harness and then a very tight hogtie. Chrissy struggles for awhile looking very sexy in all that rope. It is time to go so Ivan picks her up onto his shoulder.

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