Chicken Wing Hogtied Captive
13:00 video
Chrissy is forcibly dragged into a room already gagged insanely tight with mircrofoam tape wrapping all the way around her head and her mouth packed so tight that she can’t possibly cry out for help! He orders her to strip down completely nude and she begs him not to make her, but he threatens to hurt her if she doesn’t comply, so she removes her bra and panties and stands there naked and emabrassed and trying to cover herself. He starts groping her breasts and spanking her ass to test out the product. Chrissy hopes this doesn’t mean what she thinks it does, but he later makes it very clear that he has captured her with plans to sell her to the highest bidder! He starts to tie her up with rope and she struggles and mmpphss in distress. She tries to plead with him through her gag to let her go but he just tells her she better cooperate or he will make it even tighter! She continues to squirm around so he has a special surprise for his defiant captive. She squeals as he unexpectedly pulls her bound elbows and wrists up into a chicken wing. She is so afraid now and tries to get away from him, he can’t have that now so he ties her her ankles crossed and hogties her extremely tight to her chicken winged elbows! He leaves her struggling in her severaly bound and gagged state. She struggles frantically as hard as she possibly can but no matter how hard she tugs on the ropes they won’t give. Her back is painfully arched and she fights to stay calm and try to escape but she is quickly growing more and more panicked. After some time her captor returns to give her the news that there is a potential buyer on the line! He takes some pictures of her and tells her that he will come get her soon if the buyer decides he would like to have her! She struggles and whimpers through her gag feeling helpless and fearful of what the future holds. She begins to realize the complete hopelessness of her situation and that no one is coming to save her anytime soon!

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