Car Trouble Part 1

Description: Juliette has a car breakdown. She hopes that the guy helps her who comes along the road. But he has other plans. He pushes Juliette on the floor. As she lies on her back he rolls her body from side to side and lifts her skirt and touches her body. After a few time he carries Juliette away. They come to a tree. First he strips her clothes and then he cuffs her to a tree. He slaps her face and now Juliette realizes her situation. While her hands are cuffed around the tree she has to give him a blowjob. But it’s no good position, so she asks him if he could not uncuff her. She would give him a better blowjob. He agrees and uncuffs her. And now Juliette shows him what she can do with a dick in her mouth. The man enjoys the blowjob and Juliette gets a great facial. But after the cum shot she can’t escape. He cuffs her again to a tree. Such a horny slut has to wait for the next step.

Clip name: Car_Trouble_Part_1.mp4
Clip size: 553.489 MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:18:28
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