Captive Stowed Away
9:39 video
He kept his captive bound and gagged in his bedroom at all times until she was needed for other services. Naked with her mouth packed full of panties tightly sealed in with duct tape so she won’t disturb him, she struggles and tries to free herself from her bonds, this time determined to escape from her captivity. Her intense struggling eventually starts loosening the ropes around her wrists. She is hopeful she has a chance at freedom, but too bad there isn’t enough time and the man returns. She gets scared and tries to wiggle into the corner, worried about what he plans to do to her next! He tells her he has to leave for the day and must store her somewhere more secure. She doesn’t understand until he forces her into the storage closet and ties her hand to her bare feet into a strict hogtie so she can’t possibly reach the lock on the door. He leaves her in there and she panics as she feels the tightness of the ropes cutting off her circulation, knowing she can’t possibly endure being bound and gagged in this cramped closet all day! She struggles more even more vigorously now than before but to no avail, all she can do is mmpphhhs as loud as she can through her mouth filling gag and hope someone finds her in there soon!

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