Ashley Lane: Stop Flirting
10:40 video
Ivan has told his hot young girlfriend to stop flirting with ever guy she sees.Tonight she does it right in front of him. Ivan has had enough. So when they get home Ashley is dragged to the basement and Ivan starts tying her up. He know how much she hate being tie and the cold. A perfect way to punish her. Ashley keeps insisting she was not flirting. Ivan pulls Ashley’s dress down over her lovely breast and up over her sexy round ass. Now she can really feel the cold. After Ivan ties Ashley’s wrists and elbows together really tight, he gags her and XXXX her to the floor. Ivan continues by tying Ashley’s ankles and knees. to make sure Ashley is very uncomfortable she is placed in a tight hogtie. Ivan watches his hot sexy helpless girlfriend struggle for a while which makes him want to take her up to the bedroom. So he tosses her over his shoulder hogtied and off to the bedroom they go.

Clip name: Ashley_Lane_Stop_Flirting.wmv
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Duration: 00:10:40
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