Angel Lee: Don’t ignore me
12:05 video
Ivan is not the type of man that you ignore. He can’t understand why the sexy, blonde Angel has so rudely disrespected him. Ivan decides to make a house call. He sneaks into Angels room and wakes her up.
"what are you doing here?" Angel demands.
Ivan is going to do more than tell Angel the sinister reason for his visit.
"Tying you up because I want too!" Ivan explains in words she can understand. Everyone knew of Ivan’s reputation. He wasn’t the type of man to be ignored by anybody! Ivan is going to teach this bratty blonde a lesson. He binds her wrists tightly and her ankles and knees quickly follow suit. Ivan sits his captive up so he can stuff a large pair of his ex-girlfriend’s dirty panties into her mouth. Angel is thrown back onto her belly. Next, Ivan exposes her perky breasts. Angel rolls on the bed and cries out in distress and pain. Ivan uses another rope compacting angel into a tight hogtie and he demands an apology. She is tied by her already bound wrists and ankles to the bedframe for extra security.
"You comfortable?" Ivan asks laughing. Finally he gets the apology he had been waiting for. Ivan fondles the pure blonde sexiness in front of him. Ivan tells Angel to get ready for dinner. He was finally going to get what he had wanted all along. Angel was now under his control and dinner sounded amazing after the fun he just had with her. Angel would be his companion one way or another. Whether she liked it or not.

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