Ammo: Dirty laundry
10:38 video
Amo runs a legitimate business – but it is a business through which illegitimate funds are made legitimate. It’s usually a good deal – she gets extra funding for her club, and certain businessmen get clean money. But the only problem with handling illegitimate funds is dealing with those illegitimate businessmen. She really should have known better than to make a promise she couldn’t keep: that they could pick up their money whenever they wanted. She meant that they could get it after closing on any day, but Ivan took her at her literal word and wants his money NOW.
When Amo makes it clear she can’t give it to him right this second, Ivan decides he’ll have to take an alternative form of payment. He shoves her against the wall and ties her hands behind her back, then, because she’s feisty and trying to kick him, he ties her knees next – but she even tries to punch him in the head while he’s doing that. She still tries to kick him when he sets her down on her desk to tie her ankles, but he’s too smart and out of her range. She picks up a pen off the desk to try stab him, but again, she’s tied up, and has limited reach. While Ivan goes to get his guys to help handle the situation, he leaves Amo tied up on the floor with her ankles tied off to a rope around her waist. When he comes back and unties that rope, Amo gets hopeful, but Ivan only untied her to be able to carry her off easier.

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